The new Formula One season is right around the corner, with teams already unveiling their cars ahead of the new campaign.

This season is due to kick-off on the first Sunday in March, with the Bahrain Grand Prix officially kickstarting the new campaign.

Max Verstappen will be looking to win his third consecutive championship title following successes in 2021 and 2022.

With the new season fast approaching, preparation is well underway ahead of the practice run at the end of the month.

Many fans are highly anticipating the new season and have already caught a glimpse at some of the team cars for this year.

Haas, Red Bull, Williams and Alfa Romeo have all officially held a special launch to show fans what their car will look like ahead of the new season.

Sportsmail breaks down everything you need to know including who has launched their cars for the new season and the official dates for this year's 2023 Formula One season. 


Who has already unveiled their car ahead of the new season?

Haas were the first team in F1 to officially launch their car for the new season. 

The unveiling took place on Tuesday, January 31. Its updated car for the season will heavily feature red, white and black livery across the car.

Last year's champions, Red Bull, were the second team to show off their new car ahead of the season. 

Red Bull showcased their 2023 look with the traditional blue, yellow and red colours.

The third team to launch their car ahead of the new season were Williams.

After finishing bottom in the championship table last season, the team will be hoping for a successful campaign this year.

Williams showed off an updated blue and red livery which features many new sponsors ahead of the season.

Alfa Romeo were the last team to launch their car ahead of the new season.

The team scrapped their traditional red and white strip across the car for a more 'aggressive' red and black livery.


When do the rest of the teams launch their cars?

With four teams already launching their cars for the 2023 campaign, six teams are yet to confirm or launch their cars ahead of the new season.

Here are the official launch dates for the rest of the teams competing this year:

Saturday, February 11     

 Monday, February 13 

Tuesday, February 14 

Wednesday, February 15 

Thursday, February 16 


When does pre-season start? 

As the new Formula One season draws closer, teams will be looking to test their new cars out as soon as possible.

Ahead of the first race, teams will have the chance to test their cars and identify any problems they may have heading into the season opener.

Pre-season testing will commence on Thursday, February 23 and will end on Saturday, February 25.

The pre-season testing will take place in Sakhir, Bahrain, a week before the first race.  


What is the official schedule for the 2023 Formula One season? 

With the new season set to take place on the first weekend of March, many will be looking forward to the return.

This season, there will be 23 races, with the first taking place in Bahrain and ending in Abu Dhabi.

The full Formula One schedule for this season are as followed:

Sunday, March 5

Sunday, March 19

Sunday, April 2

Sunday, April 30

Sunday, May 7

Sunday, May 21

Sunday, May 28

Sunday, June 4

Sunday, June 18

Sunday, July 2

Sunday, July 9

Sunday, July 23

Sunday, July 30

Sunday, August 27

Sunday, September 3

Sunday, September 17

Sunday, September 24

Sunday, October 8

Sunday, October 22

Sunday, October 29

Sunday, November 5

Saturday, November 18 

Sunday, November 26


What's been said ahead of the new season? 

Last year's champion, Max Verstappen believes that there are many drivers who can challenge him for the title this season, including Lewis Hamilton.

Speaking exclusively to Sky Sports, Verstappen said: 'He's (Hamilton) been one of the greatest drivers ever in the sport, so for sure if he has the car to do it, he can fight for the title again.  

'But that's the same for George [Russell, Hamilton's team-mate]. it's the same for Charles [Leclerc, Ferrari], it's the same for Lando [Norris, McLaren] - if you give them the car that's capable of winning the championship, they can.

'But it's also about when you have the car then the pressure comes you cannot afford big mistakes.

'That's a bit of a different pressure you have but I'm confident once these guys get onto a roll like that it is all possible, they all have talent to do so.'

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