However it goes, it will be a success. WrestleMania Goes Hollywood (WrestleMania 39), scheduled to take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles over the weekend, has already broken the company's all-time box office record for any WrestleMania. The previous announced record was $17.3 million in 2016 for WrestleMania 32 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. That's a big milestone for an event available on the WWE Network that will showcase champions and stars such as Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Logan Paul, Seth Rollins, Trish Stratus, Lita and many others. "In almost 40 years, we have never sold so many tickets for WrestleMania in such a short time. With these record-breaking numbers, we are on our way to a sell-out with passionate fans at SoFi Stadium for both nights," said Paul "Triple H" Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President.

The other records associated with Wrestlemania: the record number of spectators.

WrestleMania, the epitome of WWE-branded spectacle and entertainment, has already set a number of incredible records over the years. At WrestleMania 38, last year in Dallas, there was a total attendance of more than 156,000. A number that surpassed the 101,763 in attendance at WrestleMania 32, also in Dallas. On the bottom step of the podium was the iconic WrestleMania 3, that of Hulk Hogan's bodyslam on André The Giant. An event that had 93,173 fans in attendance at the arena in Michigan. The GrandDaddy of Them All, as it is called, is an event that generates a huge impact for the host cities. In Dallas, at the last Showcase of The Immortals, an economic impact of $206.5 million was generated, something that has never happened before. Rounding out the podium are WM 33's (Orlando) 181.5 million and WM 34's (New Orleans) 175 million. An event that goes beyond the boundaries of WWE and is considered among the biggest sporting events in existence, WrestleMania has involved numerous celebrities throughout its history. From Muhammad Ali, who was part of the first edition of the GrandDaddy of Them All, to Bad Bunny, who was present at WM 37. All-around stars such as Pamela Anderson, Mike Tyson, Mr. T, Ozzy Osbourne, Snoop Dogg, and so many others have performed live and been involved in the dynamics of WrestleMania.

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